MetroAlert is a pioneering leader in police department software

Trusted for more than 30 years

Since 1983, MetroAlert has been a pioneer and trusted leader in the development of police department software solutions to meet the specific needs of law enforcement agencies. The company, also known as Metro Technology Services, Inc., has built a loyal customer base that is among the largest served by any competitor in the nation. Customers include municipal and regional police departments, university police departments, counties and task forces.

Chosen for comprehensive solutions

Customers choose MetroAlert's police department software because it is a comprehensive solution. The fully integrated system includes Records Management, Resource Management, Information Sharing and Geographic Systems. The system makes it easy for users to respond quickly to service calls, prepare reports, manage records and control the flow of information — from anywhere, on any networked device, at any time. Thanks to the system's unmatched search capabilities, any piece of information that has been entered, ever, by anyone, can easily be found by using the query function to search the records database.

Known for cutting-edge technology

MetroAlert has built its reputation for cutting-edge technology by leveraging the computing power of Microsoft programming languages and databases, and by presenting data to users in the familiar Microsoft user interface. The police department software system is built with 100% Microsoft development tools and industry standard Microsoft SQL databases. The software operates in any industry standard network and with all industry standard interfaces.

Flexibility and affordability for all

MetroAlert's police department software is far more capable than other competing systems, yet is priced to be affordable for just about any size law enforcement agency. MetroAlert's unique ability to include all state-mandated reporting capabilities enables the company to tailor its products to individual markets, incorporating the exact procedures and forms required in each area. The system will automatically pull in information that has already been entered in the database to prepare key state reports and complete required forms, ensuring that users never re-type anything again.

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