MetroAlert enables York County, Pa., law enforcement agencies to easily share information across the county, helping to more quickly solve crimes

February 12, 2014

MetroAlert, a leading provider of public safety software solutions serving agencies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, today announced York County, Pa., has implemented its ALERT Server Advanced Information Sharing solution for 21 law enforcement departments throughout the county, including county detectives and sheriff departments. ALERT Server enables public safety professionals to easily and quickly conduct in-depth searches to find relevant information that aid investigations and close cases.

“Burglars don’t pay attention to municipal boundaries,” said David Lash, Operations Lieutenant at Northern York County Regional Police Department. “Before, we relied on phone communications or monthly meetings to know what was going on in other areas. Now, with ALERT Server, we are able to submit queries and mine the data and then make follow up calls, if necessary, to find out more details. ALERT Server also offers crime mapping capabilities, making it an investigative time saver tool to battle inter-municipal crimes.”

Doug Demangone, assistant chief county detective in the York County District Attorney’s Office, shared a few examples of how ALERT Server is benefiting the County. “In major homicide investigations, there may be four or five officers involved. With the central database in ALERT Server, the officers are able to simply click on an incident report and fill in supplemental information for all officers on the case to access in real-time. Another example is the County’s auto theft detective who uses ALERT Server on a regular basis to query for stolen material. He is able to see trends in thefts and how the vehicles were stolen helping to identify patterns and solve crimes quickly. MetroAlert’s software has been invaluable in helping us to better organize our agency and collaborate with departments across the County.”

“York County is an excellent example of how a group of law enforcement agencies can leverage ALERT Server to collaborate and get real-time access to public safety records,” said Tony Iannacone, founder and president of MetroAlert. “The County has been using our Visual Alert® records management system for years to run their departments more efficiently and effectively. The addition of ALERT Server takes that efficiency to the next level.”

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