MetroAlert's newsletter for users of our law enforcement software

MetroAlert publishes UPDATE, a free customer newsletter, to provide information and support for users of MetroAlert law enforcement software. The email newsletter contains current information on the availability of software updates as well as relevant news, helpful tips, notice of upcoming events, and occasional features about our customers.

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MetroAlert's newsletter for the wider law enforcement community

MetroAlert publishes the free email newsletter BLUE LINES to inform and entertain our friends in the law enforcement community. Each edition carries brief reviews of a current movie and a current book that involve law enforcement themes or characters. Each edition's "Police Hero Pick" tells a short story about an officer who went above and beyond the call of duty. The "Police Perp Pick" features an amusing anecdote about a criminal who made the arresting officer's job easy. There's also a funny or outrageous Quote of the Month and a "Police Photo Pick" worth 1,000 words. All are welcome to subscribe.

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