MetroAlert’s Advanced Information Sharing integrates
federal, state, regional, county and municipal networks

MetroAlert has pioneered next-generation RMS and network server

MetroAlert’s exclusive Advanced Information Sharing solutions enable police officers to search farther and faster than ever before to find relevant information that will aid an investigation or close a case. The extraordinary power of Advanced Information Sharing is possible because MetroAlert has achieved a new level of secure software integration.  This enables MetroAlert products with Advanced Information Sharing to integrate all licensed and authorized state and federal information sharing networks, as well as the networks of participating regional, county and municipal agencies.

Advanced Information Sharing is currently available in two products: MetroAlert’s industry-leading police Records Management Systems (RMS), Visual Alert 2, and MetroAlert’s network server, ALERT Server, which is an unparalleled collaboration tool for counties, task forces and groups.

Users of either the MetroAlert RMS or ALERT Server can leverage the power of Advanced Information Sharing to get full police reports including photos and images, rather than just the standard “index card;” to get region-wide crime mapping; to get CompStat for sophisticated crime analysis; and to get advanced data interrogation capabilities.

Visual Alert 2: The solution for individual law enforcement agencies

With Visual Alert 2 as your RMS, your department gets real-time access to local, county, state and federal public safety records through all licensed and authorized information sharing networks. You get direct access, right from your RMS — no county- or group-sponsored silo or network server is needed. You choose what information to share, and VA2 takes it from there. Enhanced capabilities are built into VA2, including the ability to prioritize results so that the most meaningful information is presented first, reducing the need to sort through inquiry results.

With information sharing built right in, Visual Alert 2 redefines the standard for a modern police RMS. Two powerful built-in features ensure that each police department retains total control over the information it chooses to share. First, VA2/AGILE (Visual Alert 2 Approved Generator of Information for Law Enforcement) tags any information approved for sharing by the department’s records authority in real time. Second, VA2/RISS (Visual Alert 2 Resource for Information Sharing Systems) queues up for, and accepts information from, licensed and authorized information sharing partners. VA2/RISS pushes approved information through the department’s firewall. Yet your data is never pulled out of your database and sent outside of your VA2 RMS without your approval!

The Advanced Information Sharing capabilities built into Visual Alert 2 connect any department to licensed and authorized law enforcement information sharing networks at the local, county, state and federal level.

ALERT Server: The solution for counties, task forces and groups

ALERT Server enables every department in a collaborating network to get real-time access to information shared by all network participants as well as all licensed and authorized law enforcement information sharing networks at the federal and state level. Participating departments can access one another’s full incident reports,and can request more detailed reports from departments outside the group. ALERT Server has full interoperability with every RMS that follows government standards for sharing data. ALERT Server also has the highest level of data security in the industry because each participating department chooses what information to share, and when. Learn how ALERT Server ensures relevance, control and security.

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