Computer Aided Dispatch prioritizes mission-critical information,
empowering dispatchers to guide rapid police response

MetroAlert designs police dispatch software for maximum efficiency

Quick and efficient dispatch is critical to the public safety mission. MetroAlert CAD dispatch puts users in complete control of a fast and reliable Computer Aided Dispatch system that supports them in guiding the most appropriate response to any call.

The system automatically displays the current status of all calls and units. When a new call comes in, MetroAlert CAD dispatch quickly identifies the nature of the call, and displays the name and address of the caller; the location, date and time of the call; and any comments.

Calls are instantly prioritized based on the nature of the call. To speed response, the system prompts the dispatcher with the patrol unit currently assigned to the call location. To allow for dispatcher discretion, the system enables dispatchers to override the prompt and select a different patrol unit. If the recommended or selected patrol unit is unavailable, the system gives dispatchers the ability to queue calls for another specific patrol unit.

To marshal resources for a major response, MetroAlert police dispatch software enables dispatchers to send multiple units to the same call. Officers also can be assigned on the fly to patrol units not currently assigned for patrol. For less urgent calls, MetroAlert CAD dispatch allows users the flexibility to schedule a unit to respond to a call at a later time, or to leave a call without closing it and return to it later.

CAD dispatch system uses state-of-the-art technology

Using MetroAlert police dispatch software, users can:

  • Record calls and view previous CAD entries
  • Color code descriptions for the call and unit status screens
  • View all previous CAD entries and incidents
  • List statuses of local hospitals, alarms, utilities, etc.
  • View, modify and add alerts
  • Update unit status and personnel assignments
  • Recall 911 Calls
  • Broadcast messaging

Key features allow MetroAlert CAD dispatch to:

  • Display status for all units on duty
  • Show all open incident calls
  • Show all units that are available for dispatch
  • Display map with unit and incident call (GPS available)
  • Support special fire and EMS interfaces
  • Make recording and updating all dispatch information easy
  • Allow easy updating during shift changes
  • Offer any shortcuts and function keys
  • Support state and NCIC interfacing

MetroAlert police dispatch software supports a variety of mobile clients. Custom interfacing with mobile clients also is available.

In addition to an extensive list of standard features, MetroAlert CAD dispatch software can be customized to meet the specific needs of your agency.


Features & Benefits of the MetroAlert police dispatch software

Fully Integrates with Records Management System

MetroAlert CAD data fully integrates with the MetroAlert Records Management System.

Full In-Car Capability

MetroAlert CAD software provides full in-car capability and integrates with the MetroAlert Records Management System to provide mobile units with all available historical and related data.

Full-Featured Solution

MetroAlert CAD is a full-featured Computer Aided Dispatch System supporting dispatch of police, fire, EMS and towing units. The system closely monitors each call until it is closed; even alerting the dispatcher to contact officers if there has been no communication for a period of time.

User-Friendly System

MetroAlert CAD simplifies the operations of any dispatch center with its user-friendly interface and familiar mouse-and-keyboard user controls. The system also supports single-touch hot keys and touch-screens.

Up-to-Date Status of Calls/Units

The dispatcher's screen always displays the current status of calls and units, recording the times the units were dispatched, the time they arrived at the scene, and when they were cleared from the scene. Dispatchers can look up data in MetroAlert CAD without ever leaving the dispatch screen.

Geographical Information System and Location Validation

MetroAlert CAD interfaces with GIS and digital maps to plot call locations and can validate locations by checking a landmark and/or street address against a master location database.

Three Call Recording Options

MetroAlert CAD allows dispatchers to record any call, including an officer-initiated traffic stop, using Data-field entry, the Call Dispatch wizard or Narrative Text-only entry.

Simple Shift Change Setup

With MetroAlert CAD, shift changes are set up easily using drag-and-drop assignment of officers to patrol units and assignment of patrol units to patrol zones.

Create Reports from Records

With MetroAlert CAD, incident reports can be created directly from dispatch records as calls are closed or at the end of the shift.

Adheres to Industry Standards

MetroAlert CAD dipatch software is built with 100% Microsoft development tools and industry-standard Microsoft SQL databases. The product operates in any industry standard network and with all industry standard interfaces. Applications are implemented in Microsoft Windows environments.

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