Geographic Information System gives police a ‘super-tool’
that improves the effectiveness of their entire toolkit

Gain new insights by mapping data on crime, deployment and more

Geography plays an important role in so many aspects of policing and public safety, from preparing deployment plans to identifying trends in areas of greatest need. The MetroAlert Geographic Information System harnesses the full power of modern mapping technology, enabling departments of any size to use this valuable visual tool to increase the effectiveness of all department activities.

Built on the most popular geographical information engine, MetroAlert GIS seamlessly interacts with MetroAlert Compstat, MetroAlert Records Management and MetroAlert Computer Aided Dispatch. Up-to-the-minute information from all three data sources comes alive visually when plotted directly onto digital maps. Suddenly personnel across the organization can see and share data in a new way that is easy to understand.

Most importantly, new insights gained from the graphical display of data are helping public safety personnel to achieve real impact in preventing and solving crimes. Officers of every stripe — routine or special duty, community patrol or rapid response, crime prevention or investigative analysis — need the best available tools to deal with the incredible challenges facing police today. MetroAlert GIS is not merely an additional tool; it is the super-tool that improves the effectiveness of the entire toolkit.

Get a bold new perspective from Compstat reports and GIS maps

Location — along with the who, what and when — has always been a critical piece of information about any event. But until the advent of GIS, it wasn’t known how instructive location data could be. Push-pins on wall maps look like Stone Age tools when compared to the real-time, detailed location data easily accessed with GIS.

Surely better “where” data alone aids crime prevention and crime solving, but it can do so much more when integrated with all other relevant data on the who, what and when.

The MetroAlert Compstat module provides that critical integration, enabling police officers to leverage the power of GIS and create an amazing intelligence-gathering tool. MetroAlert Compstat works directly with MetroAlert Records Management, enabling officers to drill down into any available data and show it within a geographical context. The goal could be anything from a broad view of the entire jurisdiction to specifics about one event within a larger pattern of activity.

Using MetroAlert Compstat, police officers can compile summary, detailed and comparative data and display it both as statistical reports and points on the community map. By effectively integrating all known data about who, what, when and where, agencies are able to assess emerging crime density and become alert to patterns of activity.

Use MetroAlert GIS with regional data to boost crime prevention

The MetroAlert GIS can be a big boost to crime prevention by mapping information shared from other agencies in the MetroAlert Regional Information System. Metro can work with you to customize a regional GIS strategy that can have a lasting impact.


Features & Benefits of the MetroAlert Geographic Information System

Completely Integrated Solution

The MetroAlert Geographic Information System is built on the most popular geographical information engine, the ESRI ArcGIS platform. It integrates seamlessly with MetroAlert Compstat, MetroAlertRecords Management and MetroAlert Computer-Aided Dispatch to provide a complete solution for capturing, storing, managing, analyzing and presenting data that refers to or is linked to location.

Easiest System to Use

The MetroAlert GIS has the same user-friendly graphical interface and familiar mouse-and-keyboard user controls that have made the entire MetroAlert software suite an industry leader in ease of use.

A Complete Offering of Software and Services

The MetroAlert GIS is a great software complement to the best-of-breed Records Management System. MetroAlert provides custom mapping support services and training to help you maximize your investment.

Adheres to Industry Standards

The MetroAlert GIS software is built with 100% Microsoft development tools and industry standard Microsoft SQL databases. The product operates in any industry standard network and with all industry standard interfaces. Applications are implemented in Microsoft Windows environments.

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