Records Management System empowers officers
with information and advanced investigative tools

With MetroAlert RMS, police enter and retrieve information with ease

The MetroAlert Records Management System (RMS) enables law enforcement personnel to spend more time doing the job because they spend less time writing reports. And yet, all of their reports are more precise, more complete and more easily cross-referenced with other information.

Report writing is made easier for the officer because the RMS uses information already in your database to assist you in writing new reports. Record a person, vehicle, location or other data one time only and the next time a report is filled out, this police records software automatically supplies all of the relevant historical information. Each new entry updates the RMS database in real time, providing instant online access to all incident information.

A query function makes retrieving files quick and easy. Need to prepare a report to meet state or local reporting requirements? This police records software pulls all necessary information right from your cases and prepares the report for you. Need a custom report? Use that same simple query function to search for and select the specific data you want to include.

The job is hard enough. The paperwork should be easy. And with the MetroAlert Records Management System, it is.

Boost investigative efforts with this powerful police records software

Every piece of information stored in the RMS is dynamically linked to every other piece. By linking information, Metro’s Records Management System doubles as a powerful investigative tool that can help officers to “connect the dots” between seemingly unrelated pieces of data — and use this data to prepare mandated reports that meet state and local requirements.

Public safety personnel can tap this capability 24/7 from anywhere on the network. All that’s needed is the same query function used routinely to search for and retrieve information. The search capability of MetroAlert’s RMS is unmatched in its capacity to support complex searches that mine the database for hidden connections and reveal them instantly.

Search for anything — persons, places, things, businesses, vehicles, property, arrests, warrants, scanned images, digital photos, interviews, even words in a report. Adjust the search criteria easily as you home in on the connections that move your investigation forward or take it in a new direction.

Investigations are never easy, but choosing the right tools can help. MetroAlert Records Management software is the intelligent choice.

Enjoy advanced RMS features that enhance police capabilities

While the MetroAlert police RMS is easy to use, it has powerful advanced features. These include:

  • Compstat report writing
  • Evidence processing with bar coding and bar code scanning
  • ID scanning of drivers licenses for positive identification
  • Mobile reporting and access to your data from almost anywhere
  • Field reporting even without a wireless link

Quickly capture, file, search and retrieve photos and images

MetroAlert supports the capture, filing, search and retrieval of pictures and other scanned or digital images within the Records Management System.

Manage access to information with superior security controls

MetroAlert provides password control to add, change, view or delete information. The RMS provides additional security for special kinds of information and controls access by ownership and the condition of each case. Report writing and text processing are all under the security control.


Features & Benefits of the MetroAlert Records Management System

Full-Function Solution

MetroAlert’s full-function Records Management System makes it easy for law enforcement agencies to prepare reports, manage records and control the flow of departmental information.

Easiest System to Use

MetroAlert’s police records software is the simplest to learn and use because users are always selecting from “what you see is what you get” choices.

Capable Yet Affordable

MetroAlert’s RMS is far more capable than other popular records management software, yet is priced to be affordable for just about any size law enforcement agency.

Supports Required Reporting

MetroAlert’s police records software uses the information already entered in the records database to prepare key state reports and complete required forms. Never re-type anything again.

Unmatched Search Capability

If the information has been entered, by anyone, ever, MetroAlert RMS users can find it easily by using the query function to search the database.

Adheres to Industry Standards

The MetroAlert RMS is built with 100% Microsoft development tools and industry standard Microsoft SQL databases. The software operates in any industry standard network and with all industry standard interfaces. Applications are implemented in Microsoft Windows environments.

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