Law enforcement software for Resource Management
maximizes value of police personnel, vehicles and equipment

Easily manage and track law enforcement agency resources

MetroAlert’ s law enforcement software for Resource Management consists of modules that can be purchased individually or collectively to streamline basic operations and maximize the value of all internal resources, from personnel to vehicles and equipment. The result is a law enforcement agency that runs more smoothly and delivers better service within existing budgetary constraints.

All law enforcement agencies benefit from managing their resources in the most efficient way. MetroAlert Resource Management modules provide the necessary tools to track and analyze officer activity and productivity by individuals and/or the entire force, over any user-defined period of time.

Other modules manage personnel data, including development and training, promotions, commendations, reprimands and suspensions.

Each vehicle in the agency’s fleet and each piece of equipment in use can be optimized by using a Resource Management module to track pertinent data such as maintenance and service schedules, useful life and projected replacement dates.

For many law enforcement agencies, parking enforcement is responsible for a high number of day-to-day, transactional tasks. Agencies that administer the issuance of parking permits, track tickets and manage collections can drastically reduce the number of transactions that must involve agency personnel by automating those tasks using MetroAlert.

All modules fully support mobile access and field reporting

Timely access to critical information is a necessary requirement for modern law enforcement agencies. All MetroAlert Resource Management modules are designed to accommodate mobile access and field reporting.

A parking enforcement tool compatible with portable ticket writer

MetroAlert makes it easy to process parking permits and tickets, prepare reminder notices, process payments and prepare citations. Law enforcement agencies can further enhance productivity with the compatible portable ticket writer provided: the AutoCITE X3 by Duncan Solutions. Issuing citations with this handheld computer takes a fraction of the time that hand-writing a ticket requires.

A tool to isolate, manage and protect investigative case information

MetroAlert provides a simple method for managing investigative case activities, employing special security to isolate investigations from standard patrol reporting and to protect all related case information.


Features & Benefits of MetroAlert Resource Management software

Complete Modular Solution

MetroAlert Resource Management is a collection of modular units that are fully integrated with the MetroAlert Records Management System (RMS). Each module has specific capabilities and the modules can be purchased individually to match agency needs.

Easiest System to Use

Each of the MetroAlert Resource Management modules has the same Microsoft Windows-based graphical interface and the same familiar user controls.

Adheres to Industry Standards

The MetroAlert law enforcement software system is built with 100% Microsoft development tools and industry standard Microsoft SQL databases. The product operates in any industry standard network and with all industry standard interfaces. Applications are implemented in Microsoft Windows environments.

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