Parking Enforcement police software automates
parking ticket management, permits and payments

The Parking Enforcement module in MetroAlert's Resource Management police software makes it easy for users to process parking permits and tickets, prepare reminder notices, process payments and prepare citations.

Law enforcement agencies can further enhance productivity with the compatible portable parking ticket writer provided: the AutoCITE X3 by Duncan Solutions. Issuing citations with this hand-held computer takes a fraction of the time that hand-writing a ticket requires.

Parking ticket management

MetroAlert's Parking Enforcement police software module allows law enforcement agencies to:

  • Assign tickets to a specified officer/parking official
  • Record ticket information such as Ticket Number, Issued Date, Violation, Vehicle (Make, Body and Color), Registration/State, Meter, Location and Responsible Party/Title Holder
  • Apply ticket payments
  • Print reminder notices
  • Prepare traffic citations
  • Archive tickets

Other highlights include:

  • DMV Import/Export utility
  • Statute of limitations purge
  • Parking traffic citation e-filing to AOPC

Parking permit management

MetroAlert's Parking Enforcement module provides a means for managing all aspects of on-street residential, institutional and commercial parking permits.

MetroAlert's Parking Enforcement module:

  • Tracks all aspects of permit processing, from application to distribution of cards or stickers
  • Supports renewal processing for time-limited permits
  • Maintains a file of all permit holders, including all information needed to assess qualification for permit
  • Records references applicable to student permit holders
  • Maintains record of the permit holder's residence, identification of the permit holder's vehicle(s) and reference to additional permits or guest cards issued
  • Supports processing of permits which were lost or stolen and provides audit checks for issuing new permits
  • Supports processing of fees for replacement permits

The Parking Enforcement module enables organizations that assess fees for parking permits to account for revenues and report on all transactions.

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