What customers say about MetroAlert police software solutions

Elizabethtown Police Department
Jack Mentzer, Chief of Police

“Visual Alert is a very intuitive solution that is easy for street officers to use, which is critical. This is its biggest advantage. In our cars, our officers have live access to the Visual Alert database just like being back in the office and sitting at their desk.”

City of Warren Police Department
Raymond Zydonik, Chief of Police

“We’ve been told that our department is really testing the system because we are using every feature and functionality that we can.  The team at Metro has been very responsive in their upgrades and trying to accommodate our specific needs.”

Millersville University Police Department
Arthur White, Lieutenant

“We have a Parking Division within our department and they fully utilize the [Parking] tool for managing parking permits and processing tickets. I also like the Evidence Management tool much better than the options available in other systems I use. In Visual Alert, evidence can be attached to each incident in the system. We always know where the evidence is located and it is easy to do the chain of custody for each item. With other systems, it is often difficult to figure out where the evidence is stored and there are multiple steps required to record and retrieve evidence.”

Haddon Township Police Department
George Tagmire, Captain

“The most significant benefit of the system is the cost savings. We paid an exorbitant amount for a small township for our old system and we were just ‘renting’ it.  The first year’s savings paid for the Visual Alert system and now our annual maintenance fees are about 10% of the cost of the [other] solution. The customer service is 100% better.  If something needed to be fixed at our location, we had to pay someone to fly to us to fix it.  Now, when we call Metro, we get great service and don’t incur the huge support fees. The company is excellent to deal with and the simplicity of the system allowed us to install it and be up and running quickly.  We are more confident that our data is protected with Visual Alert.”

Northern York County Regional Police Department
David Lash, Operations Lieutenant

“Burglars don’t pay attention to municipal boundaries. Before, we relied on phone communications or monthly meetings to know what was going on in other areas. Now, with ALERT Server, we are able to submit queries and mine the data and then make follow up calls, if necessary, to find out more details. ALERT Server also offers crime mapping capabilities, making it an investigative time saver tool to battle inter-municipal crimes. Lying across two major corridors, we have lots of tourism and traffic of non-county residents.  We are taking full advantage of the Visual Alert 2 and LEJIS information sharing capabilities to ensure we have the data we need when responding to calls.”

Bloomsburg University Safety and Police Department
Joe Wondolowski, Assistant Director

“We track a wide range of incidents in Visual Alert, from underage drinking, traffic violations and accident reports to general and criminal investigations — essentially anything we would create a report for that would come through a police department. The beauty of the system is that it tracks incidents from the initial complaint, to how it was reviewed by supervisors, to the final deposition on it. It has helped greatly in the reduction of paper and provided us with an all-in-one solution to process complaints and search warrants and all the other things that are necessary with police work. Visual Alert has given us a method of managing our processes and is the best option for the money.”

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